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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 10, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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are perfectly legal. >> good evening. it's tuesday july tenth. this is bay area news at seven. we begin with developing news where of power outages causing major delays for commuters. chopper to its overhead giving us this live picture. officials tell us that downtown berkeley park station is new downtown. it's causing some major delays on the berkeley -based online. the power outage is affecting coverage in the area. more developing news now from the oakland hills where fire crews just rescued a woman from inside a van after the vehicle plunged down an embankment.
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this happened on skyline boulevard near melville drive within the hour. news chopper two got these pictures as crews got the woman onto a backboard and then rushed her to ask about 20 minutes ago. a school principal is facing criminal charges today for allegedly failing to relay a child's report of sexual abuse to proper authorities. we explain how it unfolded in our top story of seven. >> the elementary school was rocked by the arrest of teacher craig chandler back in january. he's charged with sexually abusing five students. another teacher is also feeling a charge for failing to report. >> a chance came forward in october 2011 and gave information that we believe will lead a reasonable person to entertain a reasonable suspicion that an act of child abuse high court.
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>> he denied the accusations and prosecutors say no one reported anything until january when the mother of another alleged victim went directly to police. >> unfortunately, the results were tragic. another child was molested after the initial child made the report. we'd believe that current evidence may have been lost. >> her attorney released a statement saying that the teacher, the child's parents and the school district had no way of knowing that the conduct was of a sexual nature. when all of the evidence was examined, she will be cleared of any wrongdoing. the principal fields people who don't do their job to report should be faced with felony charges. >> yes, it makes the news and
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as far as her own personal accountability, what messages are an asset. apply the law needs to be changed. >> the principal says she's still employed and has not been suspended or fired. >> our viewers are sounding off about the charges on her facebook page. the san francisco district attorney says his department is bringing the suspected gunman and triple murder case back to california as soon as possible. the man was arrested yesterday in north carolina and was picked up on a warrant on the fatal shootings of 40 -year-old anthony baloney. he's fighting extradition and
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he. >> we have things that have surfaced and we were finally able to cobble enough information together to develop an arrest warrant on him. >> in may he was convicted of first-degree murder. he denied that authorities waited until the trial was over to arrest rae us. but investigators say the two were gang members who mistakenly shot and killed them picking they were gang members. in 10 minutes, why police were after this man and what he did initially to evade officers. now to the north they were two men are under arrest at a shooting in a san jose bar. police responded to a bar just after 2:00 a.m. an officer tells us he saw the victim trying to drive off in his own truck. the wounded man was treated and released from hospital. this comes as two men face
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trial in a month and there was a shooting outside the same bar in december that left one man dead. a surge of rattlesnake bites around the area. people are being warned about the potential danger under foot. we are live at our regional park in lafayette. >> it could be a rattlesnake baby-boom. with more of the snakes out here in these open spaces that you see in the bay area, and more green spaces looking for food. morgan mckay says he saw a rattlesnake off of the trail. >> yes, it was a rattlesnake. >> his brother said he has dealt a rattlesnake bite firsthand. >> is swelled up in a matter of
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15 minutes. my hand looked like a baseball glove and it was the worst thing i've ever had. >> the state poison control system received 184 reports between april and june. >> as those in the wildlife busy and in walnut creek, a expert devin dombrowski showed a rattlesnake indigenous to california. >> he says the wet winter two years ago provided a good habitat for snakes, and this year's mild winter, lovato snake prey is more abundant. >> they most likely traded a better habitat for more road babies and following in that food chain, there is a good possibility that there are more snakes. >> experts say you should avoid grassy areas and stay on trails instead. be sure to wear boots and use a
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stick to wave in front of you. at home, keep pet food inside so it doesn't attract rodents. if you get a snake bite, seek emergency medical help immediately. >> more now from lafayette where fire station 16 is shut down. acosta county fire district was forced to close the district last month because they are dealing with revenge in a station. it will be a month or two before the station can reopen. we have new video here and from our newsroom. the rest are lives reported before 5:00 p.m. along the westbound lanes and not far from the pittsburgh bay point guard station. the highway patrol briefly shut down the highway as crews got the fire under control just before 5:30. contra costa county fair trolls of the cause is unknown. firefighters are getting
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upper hand on that fire burning in colusa county. five separate fires near the town. it has turned 61 acres and is now 60% contained. firefighters are still dealing with triple digit temperatures. officials say they expect full containment by the weekend. it seems worse in the past. >> the weather is drier and higher activity is becoming much more harsh. we have been extremely busy. >> they have responded to many  more than last years prior missions and also higher than the five-year average of 2451.
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aircrews and martinez are investigating a second fire at a home in six months. contra costa county firefighters say they got the call at 3:30 this morning. by the time they arrived at the home was in flames. a broken natural gas line helped fuel the flames. the home was known by neighbors as the christmas tree house for its elaborate holiday decorations. oracle is making another move into the virtual world. they are buying in dover. they provide campaigns for businesses on sites such as facebook. they provide services related two social media marketing and sales. on wall street, stocks fell for the fourth straight day. commodities fell on a report
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from china. the new campus of bf outdoor covers 14 acres and will serve as headquarters for several brands including north face and woozy. the facility will have new energy sources. >> we have panels over the windows and also collecting energy will have solar panels on the roots as well as carports. >> and for employees, there's a fully equipped workout center and cafi that will serve food harvested from its own vegetable garden. happening now, city leaders are meeting with residents to discuss ways to make the city's roads safer. the next meeting is happening at the columbia park clubhouse.
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neighbors say the intersection is dangerous. in berkeley, council members are set to decide tonight whether to put the controversial live band on the bill. tonight people were protesting between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. the band criminalizes the homeless and distracts police officers from more significant crimes. it would improve the merchants and customers. with luck to you tonight on 10:00 news. is becoming all too common site. but city leaders say might help ease the search in the crimes. >> one san francisco restaurant is offering sliders on their menu and we found out that they are not the only ones getting around a ban on the food.
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a middle school pe teacher led police on a high-speed chase. a teacher was wanted for lewd acts with a former student. officers thought they had stopped but he got away. he eventually swerved off the road and his truck landed at the base of a tree. the man remained hospitalized tonight. at least seven people were shot in oakland in the past 24 hours leading a community shaken and city leaders frustrated.
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>> police say a 20 -year-old man was found dead in the backseat of a car near the freeway off ramp. they believe he was shot somewhere else. >> there were a lot of young men losing their lives to the senseless violence. >> at least six others were shot in oakland and in three other situations police say they were attempted robberies. crime stats just released show that some other crimes are on the rise. rates are up 30%, and burglaries are up 22%. part of the problem is a lack of officers on the force. >> we lose about five officers each month. we have 90 other officers that are on light duty were not working at all. >> craned suppression is not working as well as expected.
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>> we have a mirror that does not communicate with us. all of us have equal responsibility. >> investigators will issue a report thursday about what penn state investigators knew about child molestation. sandusky was convicted last month on 45 criminal counts. today the former president of penn state who was ousted shortly after his arrest, said he never knew he was molesting children in the shower. the individual mandate requires everyone to purchase health care or pay a fine. the congress considers a vote on repeal tomorrow. >> how is this different than the government requiring americans to purchase broccoli? >> we will do everything to
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stop it. >> the governor is telling us that he is demanding a plan to put attention on the ballot. he's been pushing the legislature to adopt his plan and to keep it going for a hybrid 401 case styles and raising retirement age for most workers. an exquisite new field poll shows california voters have a dismal view of our state's economy. just 5% said we are in good times and he would have to go back 12 years to find a large percentage of voters expressing optimism. and at 2000 field poll, 71% of voters said the economy was in good times and 13% described it
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as bad times. walgreens plans to open two stores in san francisco and the drugstore chain says it will be unlike anything i've ever seen. they will be expanding their store at the edge of north beach and chinatown. it will feature a bakery, fresh produce, custom cosmetics department, juice and coffee bar and fine wines and alcohol. only two others like this in the country, one in new york and the other chicago. a san francisco restaurant found a loophole allowing them to circumvent the recent walk rock band. >> this crowd is used to call drops and comfort food but starting this weekend the restaurant will serve something different. something that's technically
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illegal. it's been banned at the restaurants of us on federal land and they argue they are not subject to federal law. >> we are not trying to break the law, we are just able to under this law where we are a vehicle to serve it. >> under state law anyone selling foi gras can face a fine. she says through these are finding ways to get around the ban. >> people are being crafty. >> on the website of former restaurant manager is advertising an underground foi gras picnic in an underground area. >> all burgers say some chefs are serving the ban to at charity events and other restaurants are saying you can bring your own. >> they are charging a fee and
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they will cook it for you. >> they say their reservations for saturday are booked solid. they expect protesters to show off but they are planning on keeping the sliders on the menu long-term. >> officials are keeping on eye on a $3 million yacht partly submerged in lake tahoe. a dozen people were onboard when the started to sink in the arena. everyone got off the vessel safely. county say they will watch for oil or sewage leaks until the owners get home. coming up, the voice of the 99% comes out in a unique art exhibit. and if you thought it was hot today, tomorrow will be even of not deal at all.
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>> the alameda county fair says that shuttered its attendance record during its centennial liberation which ended sunday. officials say 44,000 people visited the fair. as an 18% jump from last year. they inhaled more than 37,000, cakes, consumed more than 123,000 corn dogs and gobbled
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up about 11, 000 turkey legs. and i think the hot weather we are heading into his perfect timing because a fair it is not on a hot day. >> it was a bit hot out there working in one spot. it was cool and cloudy. and, still 90 degrees and conquered, and 90 degrees in livermore, and temperatures sitting in the 60's, so depending on where you are at. 60's along the coast, 60's and 70s around the bay. the 90's outside your door and that makes it closer to sunset. our numbers will continue to
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hold on until midnight and then as we head into the overnight hours with a cool that once again into the 50's. we want to get this to move forward, and we will continue to build into the area tomorrow and that will bring us some of the hottest whether that will see. a high pressure is squishing us and we have that patchy fog along the coast. the numbers will be flirting with the century mark in many spots. they have a better spare the air day in store with the santa clara valley along with areas along the inner east 80 seen the poorest quality air. the satellite radar here, this is what will come in on
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friday and close down for the weekend. between now and then it will be hot. meanwhile, the overnight lows, it's a lot like how it felt this morning. as, 97 and won a creek, 100 degrees in livermore, and along the peninsula, 80 degrees and then detail. a slight cool down on thursday, a big cooldown on friday and the weekend is looking good. >> are currently occupied occupied movement is now on display at the san francisco center for arts. it contains pieces created to stock he painted it. admission is $18 for students and seniors and $10 for others. expert trusting us. we will see you the next time his brakes. our coverage continues with 10:00 news and tonight we are in the south bay were cab
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